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We only accept composite PDF files that meet the PDF/X (PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4).

    • PDF print file must be created using the design software PDF/X preset or converted from a Postcript file with Adobe Acrobat Distiller using PDF/X presets.
    • The file’s colour mode must comply with the job order and it must be either CMYK or CMYK with intended Pantone Spot colours. 
    • The file that will be printed in CMYK must not contain any unnecessary Spot, RGB or other colours. Files that contain such colours will be converted to CMYK automatically in the prepress This may cause slight differences between the finished product and the client’s intention.
    • The resolution of the important images must be 300-400 dpi, backgrounds and other less important raster objects should be 200 dpi, but no less than 150 dpi (large format posters).
    • All font types must be embedded in the PDF file or converted to objects.
    • The page size of the document must comply with the finished product’s size and the page orientation must correspond with the client’s intention (landscape/portrait)
    • 2-3 mm of bleed space need to be added to the outer edges of pages. In case of bound media, the bleed area needs to be 3-5 mm.
    • Pages in multi-page documents should be positioned as ‘Pages’, the ‘Reader’s Spread’ layout should be avoided except in case of cover pages.
    • Files that have been sent to printshop must be final and we urgently recommend that you review the created PDF visually. For this purpose, we recommend the Adobe Acrobat Pro.