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For first-time clients, we compile an invoice that must be paid before the product is dispatched. When picking the product up at our factory, you can pay in cash as well. In case of repeat customers, we compile the invoice when the product is finished.

Instructions for sending printable files are here.

The time of delivery depends on the difficulty of the order, the amount of post-press production and the quality of the materials presented by the clients, as well as the time of year. In order to properly plan the production adequately, we need to know when you can send us the files. Please consult our sales manager in good time.

No minimum quantity of order, except for campaign print.

A1  – 594×840 mm;  B1 – 690x1000mm;  C1 – 648×917 mm;

A2 – 420×594 mm;   B2 – 490×700 mm;   C2 – 458 x 648 mm;

A3 – 297×420 mm;   B3 – 340×490 mm;   C3 – 324 x 458 mm;

A4 – 210×297 mm;   B4 – 240 x 340 mm; C4 – 229×324 mm;

A5 – 148×210 mm;   B5 – 165×240 mm;   C5 – 162×229 mm;

A6 – 105×148 mm;   B6 – 117×165 mm;   C6 – 114×162 mm;

A65 – 99×210 mm;   Business card – 90×50 mm / 50×90 mm

In cases of products with covers, the covers count as four pages. In addition to this, the amount of sheets must be multiplied by 2, meaning that each sheet of paper has two sides.


Example: A book 60pgs + 4pgs covers (the book has 30 sheets and 2 covers)

 Unfolded products count as 2 pages.

Brochures that are folded once count as 4 pages and brochures that have two parrallel folds count as 6 pages.

Samples (dummies) can be ordered in cases of papers that are used the most. A sample creates a good representation of the order’s dimension (thickness, the paper’s attributes etc.). Dummies are made without printing, yet according to the client’s preference in paper and finish, or our expert’s suggestion. The price of a dummy varies according to the intended product.

 In order to check the colour balance, a digiproof (sublimation) can be ordered. A sublimation’s colour tones are close to the classic cromalin and to the finished product. The price of a proof depends on its format.

Yes. If you lack the skill to create a printable file or if you only have an idea of what the product should look like, you should seek the help of designers. Currently, Pajo does not offer such a service, although we have a few recommendations as to who could help you.

We accept composite PDF files, which should meet the PDF/X (PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4) requirements.  Read more.



As soon as the order is confirmed by the client, the preparations to fulfill the order begin – we order the paper and special colours if needed, we prepare the printing plates etc. Cancelling the order is only possible if the due date is not near and preparations have not started. If we have already made expenses, the client must compensate them. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact the sales manager that processed your order.

We’re really sorry to hear that you’re not happy with your order and we would like the opportunity to be able to solve this for you as quickly as possible. If you’re unhappy with any of our products we might ask you to take a photo of the defect to show the particular issue and send it to us.
If we can fix the problem, we’ll reprint your item but if you’re still not happy we find compromise.